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We have always considered ourselves artisans and, as usual in our hardworking land of Brianza, handing down skills to descendants is here common practice, so in 1972, at the age of 8, almost for fun and after trying my hand on alarm clocks and mechanical wind-up watches, under my Grandfather and Uncle’s supervision, I managed to repair my very first Rolex watch.

I can still almost hear my Grandfather Luigi’s words booming in my head:

“ Watchmakers are simply mechanics who work with surgical precision”.

Over the years, with study, practice and formation in highly specialised repair centres of parent companies,

I have acquired significant experience that allows me to consider myself an expert watchmaker and repairer.


During repairs, my hand is guided by the same interest and passion I felt as a child that led me almost automatically to take up this profession, the job I love and the choice of my working life. My only aim is to get to an excellent result, as any watch that I handle gets the same attention and care as if it were mine.


Our workshop has been built following strict standards, with specific tools certified by the parent companies of the brands we deal with and genuine spare parts. This means that we don’t just repair, but  return of your watch to its pristine condition.

A complete mechanical revision, waterproof evidence, substitution of worn parts, polishing are just a few of the technical services we offer to keep your valuable timepieces in excellent working order.

When I am in my shop, I simply love putting my experience at my customers’ disposal and telling them how to use their watch to get the most out of the stopwatch function and avoid problems due to incorrect use.


In the jewellery section, we have enjoyed quite a few personal satisfactions. In the 1960’s, my Father Sandro and my Uncle Alfredo sensed that a piece of jewellery is really a work of art and started collaborating with famous artists and designers. As a result, many wonderful and exclusive creations came to light and were shown in international contests.  In Italy, we were the first jewellers to win the De Beers Diamond International Award as well as many other prestigious awards like the Aurea International.

Our family’s passion for jewellery was handed down to my sister Elisabetta. After her school leaving certificate in Art Studies and the Lombardy Jeweller’s School of Art, she is now able to turn your dream into a drawing and, with the help of expert and trustworthy artisans, into a beautiful piece of jewellery.

In the BARDELLI jeweller’s, you will be met with helpfulness and kindness and you will see your requests dealt with expertise, reliability and commitment.


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